Fleecy [adjective]

Definition of Fleecy:

downy, woolly; like a lamb's coat

Synonyms of Fleecy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fleecy:


Sentence/Example of Fleecy:

The wind-blown rain-makers lost their leaden hue and became a soft pearl-gray, all fleecy white around the edges.

He wore a high crowned, pearl grey fedora, set squarely on his head and his fleecy coat had heavily padded shoulders.

In the winter, they jumped into fleecy snowdrifts and rolled until their little bronze bodies took on a red-raspberry tint.

The light had left the top of the elm and the fleecy clouds overhead were no longer dazzling because of their borrowed splendor.

High among the fleecy cloud-bundles were dark specks which we knew to be turkey-buzzards, already attracted by the dead.

There were sweet potatoes, fleecy biscuits, a jug of sorghum, and a pitcher of sweet milk.

Every available piece of anti-aircraft artillery was turned upon the fleecy mass.

The calm blue vault, flecked by the fleecy clouds of summer, gave no hint of the doom that had descended on the artist.

It was pleasant to see her deftly separate the wool, and card it until it was soft and fleecy as down.

They gazed long on the snowy peaks outlined in the far distance like fleecy clouds against the blue sky.