Fleshes [noun]

Definition of Fleshes:

body tissue, skin

Synonyms of Fleshes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fleshes:

Sentence/Example of Fleshes:

In certain species, a male anglerfish will latch onto his chosen female with a sexy bite, then release digestive enzymes to melt their flesh together.

That predator’s active ocean cruising generates enough body heat to keep it toastier than surrounding seawater, an effort that burns through the equivalent of about six pounds of flesh a day.

Others might have thick, spongy flesh that can store water for long periods of time.

You can register in the flesh at your state or local election office.

The collaboration will next flesh out the bounce itself — a more complex stage that requires novel interactions to push everything apart again.

Some startups, like Impossible Foods, focus on cleverly engineering plant matter to taste like the animal flesh so many people love.

It is full of poetic feeling, and the flesh tints are unusually natural.

Such things happen to all flesh, from man even to beast, and upon sinners are sevenfold more.

Woe to the man that first did teach the cursed steel to bite in his own flesh, and make way to the living spirit.

In fact, on the palm a small drop of blood showed distinctly against the firm, pink flesh.