Fleshless [adjective]

Definition of Fleshless:


Opposite/Antonyms of Fleshless:


Sentence/Example of Fleshless:

Their naked feet ended in fleshless toes of immoderate length, like the bones of an ox-tail.

He extended and spread an almost fleshless hand upon the warm flesh of the other's rounded arm.

The cheeks and face are thin and fleshless; the horns clear, smooth, and of a yellowish white, handsomely curved upward.

Death, with the grin on his fleshless face, is hurrying them along to it as fast as his troika can go.

His fleshless fingers still closed round the handle of a sword.

Yet another lay there, its fleshless eye-holes staring upward from the grass.

"He likes his cold bath beforehand," said Robert, presenting his cheek to the fleshless, semi-transparent woman.

It was a thin hand, bony and fleshless; cold, as though Death had already touched it.

The scorching sun seemed to have no power upon his fleshless frame, for he wore a low fur cap, as though it had been winter.

The face and hands and parts of the body not protected by the dress were fleshless.