Flicked [verb]

Definition of Flicked:

light touch

Synonyms of Flicked:









Touch lightly

Opposite/Antonyms of Flicked:


Sentence/Example of Flicked:

Whether it’s a psychological thriller, gory slasher, or a zombie flick, it’s likely you’ll be able to find a subgenre that you enjoy.

There was a tiny splash, a laugh, and the little greenheart rod flicked a trout high over his head.

Black Hood's keen eyes flicked around the room in which he now stood.

Without a minute's hesitation she crossed over to the door and flicked out the lights.

He flicked the horse, and as the buggy rolled away the other man walked up to Winston.

He took one up, eased a stray safety match from his vest pocket, flicked it with his fingernail, and lit up.

Frey reached in his pocket and pulled out a safety match and flicked it with his fingernail.

He flicked a red silk handkerchief from his pocket, crumpled it into a ball and threw; but like the gloves it vanished.

When I did remember, I shoved the messages into my pocket, flicked off the lights and started to go up-town and hunt for the boss.

Something sang in the sunny air above my head, and I flicked with my whip to drive the locust away.