Flickers [noun]

Definition of Flickers:

spark, glimmer

Synonyms of Flickers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flickers:


Sentence/Example of Flickers:

The electronic shutter allows for high-speed continuous shooting with flicker reduction to counteract the odd bands of shadow that show up in images when shooting under certain types of lighting.

In prioritizing passive engagement over active listening, Spotify is training us to prefer a lot of pretty good to a little bit of great — but Wallen has already shown his greatness in bright flickers.

The return of Alex Smith, a three-game winning streak, a realistic shot to win a bad NFC East and the victory over Pittsburgh have given the team its first flickers of hope in years.

Bridgewater threw a second-quarter touchdown pass to Samuel on a flea flicker.

Consider the rural town of Anson, Texas, where locals long believed that if you drove out to the crossroads nearest the local cemetery and flashed your headlights, a mysterious flicker would bounce back at you.

In the shade the effect is less marked, but the constant flicker makes the same sort of variation, though not to the same extent.

The hunter and his little son drew closer and watched the last flame flicker and die out.

These poor wretches fought for the last flicker of the lamp, which the bears wanted to extinguish altogether.

There was no light in this rocky intestine of the earth except the red flicker of the camp-fire.

Then suddenly around the corners of his under lip a little balky smile began to flicker.