Fliers [noun]

Definition of Fliers:

flyer, pilot

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Sentence/Example of Fliers:

That means the commission’s Frequently Asked Questions, fliers and fact sheets will be translated into those languages.

For decades, campaigns have grappled with everything from anonymous calls claiming the election has been rescheduled to fliers spreading nasty smears about candidates’ families.

A 61-year-old Maryland man was sentenced to three years’ probation Tuesday for attacking three people as they posted fliers against police brutality along a bicycle trail in Bethesda.

A 61-year-old Maryland man pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault charges Wednesday for attacking three people as they posted anti-police-brutality fliers this summer along a bicycle trail in Bethesda.

It translated informational fliers into Yiddish to communicate with the Hasidic Jewish community there.

Those feathered fliers may have outcompeted the gliders in their evolutionary niche, Dececchi and colleagues suggest October 22 in iScience.

Jimenez said a major focus of hers has been to get information out via radio, television, fliers and word of mouth, through community leaders and promotores.

Microraptor may have been one of the earliest fliers — depending on how one defines flying.

“Don’t trust a flier that has no point of reference to redirect, because you want to ensure that there’s a person behind it that you can go to ask more questions,” Castro said.

He hired an engine to plow all his land that was not prepared, besides renting a little more, and also took a flier in wheat.