Flinch [verb]

Definition of Flinch:

shy away, wince

Synonyms of Flinch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flinch:

Sentence/Example of Flinch:

No plans or preparation would have gotten me ready for this kind of adversity, but like I told my wife, we can’t flinch.

It landed with a sound that made me physically flinch, but it remained totally unscathed after landing on its back.

Her quiet eyes, held by his during the spell that had bound them speechless, did not flinch at the breaking of it.

From where he sat watching—curious to see what Cash would do—Bud saw him flinch and stiffen as a man does under pain.

He too must work; he must not trust altogether to Texas Smith; the scoundrel might flinch, or might fail.

Two bullets went through the boy's hat; then a splinter cut through his clothes; still he did not flinch.

To tell you the truth, it was something terrible, but though I didn't like it I wouldn't flinch.

I wad na flinch from that, Geordie, if I might be a great man first.

There was menace in the look, but the South American did not flinch.

It was not that he had to conquer the impulse to flinch, as most boys do; it simply did not exist with him.