Flintlock [noun]

Definition of Flintlock:

weapon that shoots

Synonyms of Flintlock:

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Sentence/Example of Flintlock:

The most welcome capture was the arms, for many of his men were armed with flintlock muskets.

They were armed defensively with a shield, and offensively with a curved sword, and a flintlock musket slung at the saddle-bow.

The boy followed, and then the master took his seat in the stern, with his flintlock fowling piece within reach.

Flintlock rifles were the usual arm, though here and there a man had a Cramer.

Some genius in the machine shop altered a matchlock musket to flintlock and showed the local gunsmiths how to do it.

He took the old flintlock to the gunsmith and had it fixed over into a cap lock, and now I was rigged out with both gun and traps.

I would beg father to let me take the gun (which was an old double barreled flintlock shot gun) and watch the lick.

He was surprised and excited, the trigger of his flintlock trade gun pulled hard, and his shot went wide.

The boys also took an axe and an old flintlock gun, for much of the way was then through forest.

Sherman tried to commandeer those flintlock muskets from the Mexican war--several thousand of them--but Coleman got them first.