Flip [verb]

Definition of Flip:

throw, jump with abandon

Synonyms of Flip:










Opposite/Antonyms of Flip:


Sentence/Example of Flip:

The seat is considered among the most likely to flip this year.

This stability is invaluable, as traveling rough side-hills is an easy way to flip your machine.

Recent research shows that the Arctic peatlands will flip from being carbon sinks to carbon sources as the region heats up further.

It went nowhere in a Republican-controlled Senate, but that could change if the majority flips.

These “good” drawings are only a few flips away from accepting the edge without breaking planarity.

Starting with the first race, a value is sampled randomly from the beta distribution and a weighted coin flip is conducted with the probability of heads being equal to the sampled value.

If the outcome of the coin flip is 1, it is considered as a win for GOP and loss otherwise.

On the flip side, checking the answers can make your study time more efficient.

With the stock’s already having taken a beating earlier last week before Friday’s news, Whiston notes “the investor reaction at least with day traders will be poor because those people are trading it and hoping to flip the stock fast.”

On the flip side, what your bank doesn’t finance through those mega-loans with your money may be just as important as what it does.