Flipped [verb]

Definition of Flipped:

throw, jump with abandon

Synonyms of Flipped:










Opposite/Antonyms of Flipped:


Sentence/Example of Flipped:

Before any flips were made, the Birds had a 50 percent chance of winning.

No judgment, and same here, if you flipped to the end to find out how it all stops.

Horford now looms as an intriguing chip for Presti, who loves nothing more than flipping players he has acquired by trade.

Often that’s because the expectation is that the organization will be stripped down to the studs while the new management looks for an opportunity to quickly flip the property for a healthy payday.

In fact, Democrats flipped three seats on the five-person board in 2020, leaving it with five Democrats and no Republicans.

Just a kid really, he jettisoned from the cliff and adopted the conservative prone posture of a BASE jumper who considers the act itself plenty exciting and doesn’t need to up the ante with flips and tricks.

However, for certain values of p, it was indeed possible to simulate a fair join in just a few flips.

Democrats wanted to flip the partisan control of the state Supreme Court so they could have power to change Republican-drawn maps via the courts.

There's no precedent for a margin that size being reversed by a recount, and it's unlikely for it to flip unless there was a large tabulation error.

I don’t usually wear my 550’s during the hottest months of the summer, because nothing—minus a pair of flip-flops—breathes well in 100-degree heat.