Flirt [noun]

Definition of Flirt:

person who makes advances

Synonyms of Flirt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flirt:


Sentence/Example of Flirt:

I like him, said Dinah; he doesnt flirt with the girls; he always talks to the old ladies.

One can walk, flirt and dance in a Merveilleuse costume, but it is next to impossible to sit down in it.

Don't flirt with him,—that isn't the rle, but talk kindly to him, and thereby find out all you can about the Everett bunch.

That confounded money-eating little flirt of a Pansy will give me the royal shake the moment she gets wise.

There is something in his eye and the expressive flirt of his tail that seems to suggest strange doings.

When did she govern, when did she scheme, above all when did she flirt, with all this racing and chasing over the country?

She did not know the lamentable, vulgar fact that any woman can be a flirt if she only degrade her womanhood to flattery.

She did flirt with the Major, who had many years' experience of the pastime.

"You're a dreadful flirt, Janie," said Mina, as she kissed her friend.

With a derisive flirt of his tail he sank back to the bottom of his lair.