Flirtation [noun]

Definition of Flirtation:

amorous advance

Synonyms of Flirtation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flirtation:

Sentence/Example of Flirtation:

Because Hartledon once had a flirtation with your daughter, does that give you leave to haunt him as if you were his double?

Aristide was young, he loved flirtation, and flirtation flourished in the Avenue des Plantanes.

You are found in the library engaged in a bold flirtation with her Highness's son, Prince Boris.

No lady of taste will carry on a flirtation in a ball room, so as to attract remark.

If they know they will fight shy of the garden, and many a promising flirtation will be spoilt.

Margaret, I don't mind being party to a flirtation—but I draw the line at being the victim of a seduction.

Do you think I'd be willing to enter into a flirtation with a strange woman, if I didn't want to keep on living with you?

You mean that I am trying to find a substitute for the pleasures of drunkenness in those of flirtation.

Upon this knowledge came the humiliation—the degradation—of one flirtation after another; and not even after, but interlaced.

The narrator dwelt on the flirtation lovingly, and at great length, but here we are obliged to curtail it.