Flirtatious [adjective]

Definition of Flirtatious:

provocative, teasing

Synonyms of Flirtatious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flirtatious:




Sentence/Example of Flirtatious:

She revels in being a voyeur into Irene’s life, dazzled by the “exoticism” of Harlem’s vibrant aura while winning over Brian and Irene’s tight-knit circle of friends with her flirtatious demeanor and silky voice.

When he returned her stare his eyes sparkled with friendly interest, but no suggestive, flirtatious intent.

Instead of rest he finds trouble in the person of his host's wife—young, pretty and flirtatious.

The Alimentive is the most affectionate in love and the Thoracic the most flirtatious, but the Muscular is the most positive.

Knowing how many men had fallen victims to Roberta's flirtatious little ways, she longed to save Phil from the same fate.

The blasé blade passed the flirtatious jade by without deigning even to ruffle her steam-cloud hair.

There was nothing offensive nor flirtatious in his manner, and he seemed far too respectably dressed to be a beggar.

But he paid no heed, at all, to pretty emigrants who would have been delighted by flirtatious glances.

Verbally, this was the least flirtatious correspondence she had ever maintained with the opposite sex.

Was she laughing now with Gibson, telling him of her experience with a flirtatious or sickly sentimental cub reporter?