Flirting [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flirting:

There were no "flirting corners," and sitting out on the stairs à deux would have been a compromiso.

With flirting motions she twisted the folded kerchief into a rope.

Racine was bored by it all, and mitigated his boredom, during the two years he remained, only by flirting and by stringing rhymes.

She rose up from the piano, flirting out her gauze skirts, and laughing at the shower of entreaties to sing again.

I lounged around the room until I came to her crowd, attached myself there, and did some heavy flirting.

It tickled her to death and—do you know that Willie really thinks you're flirting with her—or aiming at Alice?

The young colored population of New Orleans were much given to flirting, at twilight, on the banquettes of the back streets.

If I had sons and daughters I should think a little flirting the very best thing for them as a safety valve.

The following morning, February tenth, with the thermometer flirting with zero, we sailed for Cuba.

She sat in the caleza flirting her big fan, and cooing like a dove, when her lover said something unusually passionate.