Flitting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Flitting:

The cause of Haggard's mysterious detention in Rome, and of their own sudden flitting, became at once clear to her.

Silently the turnkey passes the cell, like a flitting mystery casting its shadow athwart a troubled soul.

As I was standing at a window with Hugh in my arms, I saw the two lights come flitting down the valley together.

The lesser one remained flitting about the house, or to and fro between here and Antelope Butte.

Scudding clouds were seen flitting across the sky, from which there descended now and then misty showers of rain.

In the starlight he could only see the tracery of the forest of palms, and here and there, ghost-like, a white dress flitting.

It was impossible to align the sights of his stun gun with any of those flitting shadows, Raf discovered.

"We are quite ready for our flitting so far as packing is concerned," Salemina assured him.

He saw the shadow of the flitting death, and flung himself down beside the boulder the mermen had pointed out.

In the garden below a blue gown flitting about among the orange-trees attracted my attention.