Floated [verb]

Definition of Floated:

lie on the surface

Synonyms of Floated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Floated:



Sentence/Example of Floated:

Then, as he neared the room, a sound of music floated out to meet him— Tony was singing to his own accompaniment.

Her last words floated back from the depths of the corridor; a clock was striking and she had pattered off hastily.

The unfinished phrases floated, but dared not come to earth; they gathered but remained undelivered.

A little beyond these three hippopotami floated in the water, only the upper parts of their heads and rotund bodies being visible.

It floated out upon the night, over the housetops, the crescent of the river, losing itself in the silence of the upper air.

Through the open windows floated the sound of girls voices, as Norah and Dinah chatted and laughed in the garden.

It is hopeless to number the slain that strewed the field of battle, choked the Bannock, or floated down the Forth.

Armed boats floated upon the Seine, at the two extremities of Paris, that every possible passage of escape might be closed.

Even here the glorious voice of the prima donna floated clear as a silver bell.

The wind that was sighing in the trees was whirling the dead leaves about in little eddies as they floated to earth.