Flocculent [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Flocculent:

On cooling, the yellow substance separated out in a flocculent condition.

A reddish-brown flocculent precipitate was formed and was filtered off.

A fine, white precipitate was formed at once which rose to the surface on standing as a light flocculent substance.

On addition of a solution of mercuric chloride to the red filtrate, a brown flocculent precipitate was formed.

Even thus lightened, we could scarcely move the sledge, struggling on, sinking to the thighs in the flocculent deluge.

If it was ordinary butter this filtrate will become milky, but if process butter a flocculent precipitate will form.

A white flocculent precipitate shows the presence of considerable benzoic acid.

The formation of a flocculent precipitate shows the presence of aluminium.

A white flocculent precipitate forms if gelatin is present, and it gradually collects in a lump at the bottom.

The absence of a bulky flocculent precipitate shows the extract not to be of high quality.