Flocks [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flocks:

Later, she won a new flock of fans as BFF Lilly in “The Princess Diaries” movies, as well.

A flock of birds is kind of a canonical example of self-organization.

On Monday, a flock of tech companies decided it was time to make their plans to go public, well, public, as tech stocks have soared during the pandemic.

When the duo surveyed singles about the personality traits they were looking for in romantic partners, they found that a similarity model—the age-old idea that birds of a feather flock together—best described the data.

One of the yeomen warders, known as the ravenmaster, is also responsible for looking after the tower’s resident flock of ravens.

A flock of weary sheep pattered along the road, barnward bound, heavy eyed and bleating softly.

Once he suddenly found himself in the road driving a small flock of goats, whose he knew not, nor whence he got them.

The faces of a flock of sheep are to a stranger all alike; to the shepherd, each has its personal individuality.

I have not been able to learn that the migratory flock above spoken of extended to any of the other Islands.

Gwynne accepted this act of sacrifice with a matter-of-fact nod, and it was but a moment later that they came upon another flock.