Flooded [verb]

Definition of Flooded:

inundate or submerge

Synonyms of Flooded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flooded:

Sentence/Example of Flooded:

He could not possibly doubt or question, and shame flooded him till he felt himself the meanest man alive.

Her blue eyes were shining and almost black, her cheeks flooded with a delicate pink.

This, thought I, is a dismal-looking outcome—two men and a dead horse left high and dry on the sun-flooded prairie.

That is not the case with the one that extends northwest and southeast, for it is flooded with sunlight most of the day.

Even as he spoke, Gray had found the switch, and the apartment of Kazmah became flooded with subdued light.

Flooded with June sunshine the agency had never looked more attractive, from the white man's standpoint.

It was not possible to be quite certain at that distance, but the dining-room was flooded with light.

At the sudden radiance that flooded Meggy's face, Betty turned away abashed.

He fumbled along the wall for the switch, and presently the bedroom also was flooded with light.

He hesitated, and a wave of dark colour flooded his face up to the roots of his close-clipped hair.