Floored [verb]

Definition of Floored:

perplex, confound

Synonyms of Floored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Floored:

Sentence/Example of Floored:

So to able to ride that wave and get on the ground floor to be in production vehicles as well was of particular interest for us.

Latria is split between two planes, one above the fog in the highest floors of the tower, and another way below the fog, knee deep in mud and blood.

Facing a familiar foeBjerg joined the squad and promptly found himself sleeping on the floor in a teammate’s room in San Jose.

Bezos and his wife initially packed up Amazon orders while kneeling on a concrete floor.

The bill, called the Keeping All Students Safe Act, would enact a national ban on restraints that can restrict breathing, including prone restraint where students are held face down on the floor and supine where they are held face up.

If you’re open to exploring a floor plan that is less than ideal for social distancing, “Girlhood” offers a glimpse of where this museum might be heading.

Miguel and his father slept on blankets on the living room floor, alongside two other men and their small children.

Now, as nationwide coronavirus infections reach a new peak, that caution has been largely abandoned by senators of both parties, who could be seen on the floor all this week engaged in extended private conversations at close quarters.

At that event, organizers limited the number of attendees on the floor at any given time and enforced sanitizing, distancing and mask requirements, the complaint said.

Then lift both knees until your shins are parallel to the floor.