Floors [noun]

Definition of Floors:

bottom of a room; level of a multistory building

Synonyms of Floors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Floors:

Sentence/Example of Floors:

Finally, installing data centers on the ocean floor is, surprisingly, much faster than building them on land.

At home, many kids have more freedom to lie on the floor, pace around, move to another room or take breaks as needed.

The guy is swatting layups every other time down the floor, it seems.

I think we’ve really reset our floor for what monthly success and targets look like.

Westbrook’s poor shooting and inability to space the floor can grind Houston’s offense to a halt.

So where kids line up, schools may now put dots on the floor to mark off the distance.

The floor is the Earth and beneath it is the underworld, where the dead are buried.

I’m really happy that I could be kind of on the ground floor of that, building it up at Fox News.

It can seep down between floors or even under walls and across to your neighbor.

Since last year it’s had a dedicated team laser-focused on managing yield, resetting floor prices, introducing new formats and managing placement based on campaign objectives.