Flopped [verb]

Definition of Flopped:

fall limply, collapse

Synonyms of Flopped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flopped:

Sentence/Example of Flopped:

Inside the fence Kieran could see the people, flopped around in positions of exhaustion.

The seals seemed to enjoy this amazingly, and flopped about in an ecstasy.

Lester flopped heavily, and skidded across the bottom of the 'drome.

But when we'd gone along fur a mile or so, one of the Mexicans flopped down on his knees and begin to jabber.

You made your choice, and the victim was netted by a white-clad boy and flopped over the counter to the scales.

As he stood watching them, the fish suddenly leaped up from the ground; and having flopped back into the water, swam away.

In a minute or two he rolled off the pail, flopped heavily down the beach, and plunged back indignantly into the sea.

Then, without warning, Simms flopped on to the floor at full length, pulling Jack after him.

Again he flopped to his back at the interested approach of the other dog, held four limp paws aloft, and simpered at the stranger.

And with the touch of the creature's mouth a stiff shock jolted him; his body went numb; his arms flopped limply down.