Flopping [verb]

Definition of Flopping:

fall limply, collapse

Synonyms of Flopping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flopping:

Sentence/Example of Flopping:

There was no shelling at the moment, but rifle bullets kept flopping into the parapet especially when the periscope was moved.

Flick Wilder now began to return, talking violently and flopping about in the last stages of a nightmare.

The pounding, flopping and scratching on the hollow roof made the stable resound like the big drum in an Orange parade.

I sneered, flopping our inner shield over flat on the ground.

Flopping over on his stomach, endeavoring to hold down the last remnants of his innards, he begged to be left alone.

When dusk fell it seemed that the sentries were doubled, to judge by the noise of the flopping and moving about.

The Groggleses are the turtle, looking out for a moment, and flopping down again.

He shot into a tree-top full of bickering blackbirds and brought three down, torn, flopping, bleeding.

But Uncle Wiggily hit the bad bird with his barber-pole crutch, and the hawk flew away, flopping his wings and tail.

And where there had been one huge writhing cable, now there were horribly two, lashing and flopping in the death throes.