Floral [adjective]

Definition of Floral:

decorated with flowers

Synonyms of Floral:

Opposite/Antonyms of Floral:


Sentence/Example of Floral:

The vibrant shade peeks out behind a psychedelic floral design starring a friendly looking hummingbird.

Included in those bills was a $6,000 charge to taxpayers for floral arrangements during Abe’s 2018 visit.

Its fruity, floral notes also open up possibilities for other dessert pairings, such as with orange, melon or dark berries.

This low-acid, whole-bean blend melds sweet and floral tones that manifest into a cocoa-like consistency.

Rose water is the final touch, but the floral notes it adds to your morning brew are SO worth it.

They found the old woman alone, knitting in her rustic chair in her floral bower on the roof.

At the Floral Games he who is crowned poet-laureate chooses the Queen, and she crowns him with a wreath of olive leaves.

She is introduced by a youthful figure crowned with flowers, and holding in his hand a floral wreath.

We halted at the Bishop's Gardens for an hour, and I can but faintly describe their gorgeous floral wealth.

The time was the forenoon, and the two Masons were smoking under the shade of green trees surrounded by floral delights.