Floras [noun]

Definition of Floras:

vegetable life

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Sentence/Example of Floras:

If you only have one day in the park, a guided boat trip is a fantastic way to learn about the area’s unique history, flora, and fauna.

Like any living thing, flora and fauna require nutrients to thrive at their maximum potential.

There are few sporting events as resolutely American as the Masters Tournament, a weeklong devotional to piano-tickled marketing materials, polo-and-khaki ensembles and high-definition flora.

While most deciduous flora in North America only give off a hint of an aroma during their death spiral, one tree in particular makes the air smell sweeter than the rest.

On lunchtime walks, I snap photos of flora with the also-free iNaturalist app and try to find a match in its database of more than 300,000 species.

Over the archway are two sculptured figures in red terra-cotta, representing "Flora" and "Pomona."

"I am sure there is no one I shall like half so well," said Isabel, truthfully; and Flora loved her for not being gracious.

And Flora devoutly kissed her, then gossipped pleasantly about the other guests and the people in the neighborhood.

If she had had "some smashing love affair," as the more romantic Flora suggested, so much the better.

Involuntarily Isabel glanced at Mrs. Kaye; Flora had hinted to her of the lady's designs.