Florid [adjective]

Definition of Florid:

very elaborate

Synonyms of Florid:

Opposite/Antonyms of Florid:

Sentence/Example of Florid:

The village organist had distinguished himself by his florid rendering of the Wedding March.

On one occasion, a general titter arose at his florid picture of the happiness which must proceed from this event.

Once he learnt, with his aunt, the exceedingly florid duet in Semiramide, and sang the soprano part admirably.

Darker grew his florid countenance; his bulging eyes looked troubled and perplexed.

The last had a very brilliant career as an orator, though his orations were too florid to be read.

Learned people say it is built in the florid Gothic style of architecture, and we are not inclined to dispute their definition.

"Well, wind him up and let's see what he'll do," growled the man, his face florid in the colored light of the Green Room.

They dye their heads with various and the most florid colours, for the purpose of improving their appearance.

Her face, under an ornate black hat, was like a great rose full of overlapping curves of florid flesh.

The incident promised, however, to pass off in a fine florid way.