Flounders [verb]

Definition of Flounders:

struggle; be in the dark

Synonyms of Flounders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flounders:

Sentence/Example of Flounders:

As the continent is constituted currently, you cannot have a successful Pan-Africanism economically, socially, and culturally, while its biggest nation flounders.

It’s unlikely the HEROES Act will get passed as is, but you know, a floundering industry can dream.

As Magic Leap floundered, it began to re-examine its options.

Starting several decades ago, four psychologists decided to examine how individuals flourish or flounder over the long run.

A decade ago, city leaders floated a brand new City Hall complex but the idea floundered and the city, instead, began renegotiating its leases.

These drugs, which activate a slew of host defense genes, worked like gangbusters in mice yet have floundered thus far in clinical trials.

It has a bathing beach where the gals show what they've got and fat men flounder and cavort far beyond their capacities.

Men crawled over one another, then dropped to the first open spot, to flounder there a moment, then roar in snoring sleep.

Those who followed were compelled to flounder on the best way they could.

And they can go where horses couldn't do anything but flounder and probably cut themselves with their own feet.