Flourishing [adjective]

Definition of Flourishing:

prospering, going well

Synonyms of Flourishing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flourishing:

Sentence/Example of Flourishing:

This sudden flourishing of technology is called the “great leap forward,” supposedly reflecting the evolution of a fully modern human brain.

The notion of “flourishing,” he says, goes back to Aristotle.

Hence it can be seen what hope there is of establishing a flourishing christian church by such evangelists.

It was at one time a favoured and flourishing agricultural colony, but from various causes sank into neglect.

Havana, however had long been flourishing before the seat of Government had been transferred to it from Santiago.

Until a few years ago the quarter known as the, Parian was the flourishing centre of the half-caste traders.

I have seen in a single night the most flourishing orange-tree stripped of every leaf by this mischievous creature.

All these spiritual insurance companies live in perfect harmony, and are flourishing.

To Gwynne they seemed like some primitive race flourishing before its time.

Fertile fields, numerous villas and flourishing villages were overwhelmed by the inundation.