Floury [adjective]

Definition of Floury:

consisting of fine, loose grains

Synonyms of Floury:

Opposite/Antonyms of Floury:


Sentence/Example of Floury:

“And ‘the principal figure’ in it is all floury and generally dishevelled,” she said at last, with a light laugh.

Not even stopping to wipe her floury hands, she walked over to the window, tore open the envelope and began to read.

His bare brown arms were floury and he wiped them on his striped cotton apron as he came forward to open the door.

His complexion was floury, and looked as if, had you touched it, a mothy dust would have adhered to your finger.

The mistress herself opened it, her hands a little floury, and a clean gingham apron over her afternoon dress.

Granular lime, such as limestone, is handled more satisfactorily than a floury slaked lime.

"That's an old story now, my dear," said Frank, rubbing his floury face with his hand.

There was a piece of dough upon a floury board, and when Anita went to lay the table the Alsatian fairly flew upon the dough.

And in the mean time Starrie cornered his mother in the pantry—floury shrine of Christmas culinary rites!

Brunoge; a little batch of potatoes roasted in a fire made in the potato field at digging time: always dry, floury and palatable.