Flouted [verb]

Definition of Flouted:

show contempt for

Synonyms of Flouted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flouted:

Sentence/Example of Flouted:

Condillac after the marquis's death had refused to pay tithes to Mother Church and has flouted and insulted the Bishop.

Every body in the house despised her; her ladyship insulted her; the very kitching gals scorned and flouted her.

Throughout the old world an inventor is usually regarded as a visionary, or a lunatic, and flouted by all his contemporaries.

Now Emerson was an anarch who flouted the conventions of art and life.

To be baffled by one woman was bad enough, but to be flouted for his failure by another was irritating in the extreme.

Swiftly his mind flew back to their first meeting; when she had flouted him in Fools' hall.

Minds me o' the Prince's wife, the proud lady that flouted him, mightily he doth—I should not wonder if he were her brother.

After all, we are of the same stock, although your father always flouted me for a mean-spirited churl.

His rejoinder was maddening because it flouted their vaunted wisdom, and, withal, was unanswerable.

Premonitions, dreams, visions, telepathy were not by any means always flouted with raucous laughter and crude witticisms.