Flouting [verb]

Definition of Flouting:

show contempt for

Synonyms of Flouting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flouting:

Sentence/Example of Flouting:

You cannot pretend that she was right in ignoring me, flouting me, insulting me!

You have shown total disregard of our feelings by glorifying the Punjab administration and flouting the Mosulman sentiment.

Bayne, flouting fear as a folly, yet himself feeling the cold chill of dismay, dared not dismiss their anxieties as groundless.

“I hoped I was flouting new beginnings,” he answered soberly, and he rowed languidly in a silence which Madeline rushed to fill.

He began to be bitterly attacked in some American newspapers, which accused him of "flouting his Americanism throughout Europe."

He could not have defined why he was so swiftly ashamed of thus openly flouting that boyhood heart of his upon his sleeve.

There is something tragic in the reflection that he ended by flouting its authority.

Certainly, his disciples, few as they may be, make up by their enthusiasm for the public and critical flouting.

It was no longer any use flouting Austin's statements; they were too calm, too collected, to be disposed of by mere derision.

Come back, Robin, and I will cease flouting thee, if it trouble thee.