Flouts [verb]

Definition of Flouts:

show contempt for

Synonyms of Flouts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flouts:

Sentence/Example of Flouts:

It is one of the oldest institutions of the country, which even we upon our hundred acres would not have dared to flout.

We English, once upon a time, did especially flout the little nation then acting a history that proved worth the writing.

Couldn't afford to offend Railway Directors, yet wouldn't do to flout numerous body of working-men, chiefly voters.

Very easy it is for you, who have the impudence to flout kings, to talk thus to one who is frightened of strangers.

Is it a safe thing, think you, Sir Count, to jest with a princess in her own land and then come back to flout her for it?

Van Mander heard from Holbein's circle a story which modern pedantry is inclined to flout.

Lawyers must suspend their practice and must resist the power of the Government which has chosen to flout public opinion.

The little man would stand, a sneer on his face and his thin lips contemptuously curled, and flout the lad's brave labors.

But the Star-Child heeded not their words, but would frown and flout, and go back to his companions, and lead them.

Kun'l Gid Ward can never flout and jeer that the man that has married his sister was nothin' but a prop'ty-hunter.