Flowed [verb]

Definition of Flowed:

issue, surge, run out

Synonyms of Flowed:

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Sentence/Example of Flowed:

One thing to note is Berkeley catches a lot of the eastward fog flow blankets from the Golden Gate Bridge.

The good thing is that my network typically tends to send me quite highly curated deals so essentially the deal flow I have luckily tends to be quite high quality, which makes things a bit more manageable.

The literary flow slows as Pattison probes the ins and outs of Ardi’s skeletal parts.

Interconnected supply chains and global flows of data, finance, and people offer more “surface area” for risk to penetrate, and ripple effects can travel across these network structures rapidly.

This requires finer-grained control for data flows in backend systems.

It said the broader class of monoclonal antibodies may be associated with worse clinical outcomes when administered to hospitalized Covid-19 patients in need of high flow oxygen or mechanical ventilation.

I used to design personal computers and other electronics, which is working with the heat problems also, so I tried to think about the air flow inside the machine.

Moreover, they didn’t stop the flow of toxic election content on social media.

Powell on Thursday said that the existing facilities have “generally served their purposes” and have supported the flow of credit to the markets.

“We should understand and be able to communicate to the public on both sides what the risks are and environmental damage of these flows,” said Dave Gibson, executive officer of the San Diego County Water Quality Control Board.