Floweret [noun]

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A poet of our age has said that in the meanest floweret we may find "thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears."

There is so much to see and to find out, even in the commonest weed or the tiniest floweret.

On its arrival, all the convent pressed round the suffering traveler—poor floweret!

Sometimes they resemble a floweret that grows on a rocky crag, then again a ray of moonlight trembling over a restless sea.

Petronella was a very tender floweret to have been reared amidst so much hardness and sorrow.

He knelt, but touched not the floweret, instead caught at the long folds of her silver gown and held her where she stood.

Ashurst did not answer; he had plucked a blue floweret, and was twiddling it against the sky.

Many thanks to you, Madam, for your good news respecting the little floweret and the mother-plant.

On the fringed marge Full many a floweret rears its head,—or pink, Or gaudy daffodil.

We found a new species of floweret of the genus Silene, but unknown to us.