Flows [noun]

Definition of Flows:

issue, abundance

Synonyms of Flows:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flows:

Sentence/Example of Flows:

The nature of these rocks must therefore depend entirely on that of the country through which the river flows.

Naturally all the water in a valley flows downward and at last reaches a stream running through it.

I am bored to death, to extinction; my thoughts are the colour of that water which flows over yonder, brackish and heavy.

Irrigation is necessary for successful agriculture, and there are few spots where water flows.

His story flows in a calm, clear, sparkling current, with every charm which simplicity and ease can give.

It skirts the base of some low hills and flows nearly south in emptying into the Kanawha.

From thence the Meuse flows to the north till it enters Belgium a short distance beyond the town of Givet.

Through this wood flows the river Cenchrius, in which Latona is said to have bathed after the birth of her child.

The Guaso Nyiro rises in the hills north-west of Kenya and flows in a north-east direction.

From these fissures immense and repeated flows of lava spread over the Kapte and Laikipia plateaus.