Flu [noun]

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upset stomach

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We can look back at flu pandemics — you usually have one or two years of circulation before enough immunity builds up to the virus.

Depending on the answer, the US may require regular vaccine campaigns against the coronavirus in the future, similar to the flu.

Because mRNA is an information molecule, the difference between our covid vaccine, Zika vaccine, and flu vaccine is only the order of the nucleotides.

After all, most people who get sick with the flu won’t even bother to go get tested for it.

It could be because these viruses, unlike flu and RSV, aren’t as thoroughly destroyed by handwashing and using sanitizers.

No vaccine is 100 percent effective, and even the flu vaccines are often just 50 to 60 percent effective, he noted, which is good enough to save countless lives.

While the public health department is using VAMS, his organization is using VaxTrax, a tool built in house by Stone’s team two years ago to track employees’ mandatory flu vaccines.

The companies do realize there is a problem in the longer term, and they will deal with it just as we have done with flu every year.

As recently as October, Nature reported it was “too soon to say whether Covid is seasonal like the flu.”

It’s turning out to be a record low flu season, and scientists believe that credit belongs to people wearing masks, socially distancing, and washing their hands.