Fluctuate [verb]

Definition of Fluctuate:

vacillate, change

Synonyms of Fluctuate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fluctuate:

Sentence/Example of Fluctuate:

Smith, the Turning Point field director, said, “The number fluctuates and many have gone back to school.”

Writing in Ars Technica, John Timmer points out that aligning the coolant channels with all the components in a much more complex chip—whose activity could fluctuate based on the task—would be very tricky.

In addition, Enten found that favorable ratings can also fluctuate a lot after this point in the election cycle.

Cycle length can vary greatly from woman to woman, and even fluctuate from month to month.

Venture investors last valued the company in 2015 at $20 billion, with the value fluctuating since then on the secondary markets.

Patel Rios knew that Cora team didn’t have the resources or expertise to navigate the always fluctuating circumstances of Amazon on their own, so they set out to find an agency to help.

Their dimensions, which vary a good deal, fluctuate between two-fifths and four-fifths of an inch in length.

Both credit and currency begin to fluctuate wildly with the evaporation of public confidence.

The syllable has great inherent sonority and does not fluctuate significantly as to quantity and stress.

His resolutions might fluctuate, and the pause of a few minutes restore to him his first resolutions.