Fluctuated [verb]

Definition of Fluctuated:

vacillate, change

Synonyms of Fluctuated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fluctuated:

Sentence/Example of Fluctuated:

The flu vaccines are notoriously imperfect in how well they protect against infection, as effectiveness rates fluctuate but tend to be between 40 and 60 percent.

Since March, airlines have revised their flight routes as demand fluctuated, reducing service to smaller cities and the number of transcontinental domestic routes.

We want to have a better sense of what sort of state it’s in, whether it’s permanent or part of a fluctuating water cycle, how widely distributed it is, and whether we truly can harvest it to derive something useful.

Polls have fluctuated but suggest only 50% to 58% of people will definitely get vaccinated.

The numbers of coronavirus cases reported have fluctuated over the holiday weekend, going from 127,563 cases on Thursday to a record 197,686 cases on Friday, before dipping over the weekend, according to data from The Washington Post.

By merely looking at him you might see that he would never rally, though he fluctuated much.

Mrs. Stockhausen fluctuated greatly: to-day able to sit up in an easy-chair; to-morrow too exhausted to be lifted out of bed.

The wind-velocity fluctuated between sixty and eighty miles per hour, keeping us securely penned.

I was sometimes irresolute, and fluctuated from one idea to another, and from project to project.

Then, after a considerable period, during which the advantages fluctuated, they obtained a rooge.