Fluctuations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fluctuations:

Fluctuations in the lake due to floods are controlled by an immense spillway dam built of concrete.

Whether from this or other causes, the stream of vagrants continued to grow, with the usual fluctuations.

Fluctuations of trade then as now sometimes brought occasions of temporary embarrassment.

Uncertainty of employment and demoralising fluctuations of wages are among the most crying evils of our modern social régime.

The price has recently undergone many fluctuations, in consequence of the great exports to Europe.

For some time I was at a loss to account for sundry fluctuations in Henry's disposition and manners.

His letters to Raoul for several days expressed all the fluctuations of his mind, and revealed glimpses of coming evil.

It was simple for me to sense those fluctuations in temperature and to know which of the people before me were female.

Finally, the fluctuations of price would afford a clue to the intellectual condition of the age.

But under the most stable conditions there will always be fluctuations in currency value.