Fluff [noun]

Definition of Fluff:


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Sentence/Example of Fluff:

That being said, don’t add fluff to increase the word count — visitors will easily recognize if you do and this will lead to a poor user experience.

The staff had to navigate the recruiting process during a pandemic, but Locksley said that took “the fluff out of recruiting.”

PrimaLoft has devised a new way to create the fluff that goes in jackets without requiring the heat from those dirty ovens.

In 2020, the ideal blog post length should be between 2,100 and 2,400 words – enough to thoroughly discuss a topic with authority, but not too long that fluff would be inevitable.

It means you should go easy on fluff words and adopt an expository style of writing.

Because that little fluff of a Mrs Everett is too good-natured to kill or to direct the killing of anybody.

Oh, Mary had a little Lamb, regarding whose cuticular The fluff exterior was white and kinked in each particular.

The fluff from the work seemed to smother Connie that morning.

The Rector was sitting in the library, hard at work rubbing the fluff from the anemone seeds with sand.

Valeria gave a cry; she opened the little fist, and saw the soft black fluff lying there.