Fluffed [adjective]

Definition of Fluffed:


Opposite/Antonyms of Fluffed:

Sentence/Example of Fluffed:

The robin fluffed out his feathers, and began again to impart his sweet philosophy.

They stood about gracefully to be admired, with their wooly hair fluffed out at right angles to their head, for the occasion.

Her hair was a pale flaxen and fluffed out naturally, worn severely back from her low forehead though it was.

The thick fluffed black hair was rolled away from her face and gathered into a low knot in the nape of her neck.

Solly Gumble removed his skullcap, fluffed his scanty ring of curls, and drew on the cap again.

Her white hair was fluffed out under the hat brim, and looked very thick and vital.

She fluffed herself up in him, just as she used to do in her worsted, and nobody ever saw her any more.

The bobbed locks, thick and curly, fluffed out charmingly in a yellow bush around the sweet little face.

Her hair fluffed forward a trifle; threatened to cascade down over her shoulders.

She might have been almost as pretty as Madelaine, if she had fluffed her hair and dressed a little less plainly.