Flummoxed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Flummoxed:

Only eight safeties have been better at flummoxing passers in 2020.

The company announced today that its AlphaFold system has officially solved a protein folding grand challenge that has flummoxed the scientific community for 50 years.

Today, three decades after the receptor discovery, the mechanisms of odor perception continue to flummox researchers.

Because of the Heat’s versatility — they flummoxed Boston with a shifting zone defense — and because they’re the best conditioned team in the league, they can adapt to whatever offense comes their way.

But when you arst 'im what ought to be done--'e's flummoxed.'

Only lately I was flummoxed by a gent asking for a liqueur I'd never 'eard of.

I am all too flummoxed by the masquerade in the tourney round about me.