Flunk [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Flunk:

I passed everything with the utmost ease—I know the secret now, and am never going 134 to flunk again.

Sometimes he felt that he would enjoy, yes, actually, hearing somebody 223 flunk in one of his classes.

Most men do, I say, they usually work at it, study at it good enough so they don't flunk out.

I wonder if I could do it; seems 's if I would now, but flesh is weak, and I might flunk, and that would settle it.

And if I flunk, I have to work in the garden all summer without a single fishing trip.

A second failure would mean a "flunk," unless the class marks are very high.

It has to be withheld from hype-trainees, otherwise they might deliberately flunk their course.

It was a part of her philosophy, however, never to flunk flat; she always crawled.

The chancellor offered him up as a sacrifice to your father, and because he was unwise enough to flunk you.

I dont want to flunk in my exams, and I guess you dont, either of you.