Flunkey [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flunkey:

May I come in through the window, or shall I have myself announced by a supercilious flunkey?

Now he must see us, as we saw him and his smooth, smug, flunkey's face to the whites of its upturned eyes!

The flunkey in the hall was evidently expecting his arrival.

Most likely this was the husband whom at Yalta, in a rush of bitter feeling, she had called a flunkey.

My inexperience, my appearance—so unlike a flunkey—and my illness, seemed to her pitiful and excited her disgust.

Before the old man's visit my position as a flunkey had a meaning; now it was absurd.

In the midst of the proceedings a portly flunkey was observed carrying a huge envelope, with seals and trappings, on a salver.

But in his relations to the human family he revealed more than a little of the spirit of the flunkey.

The child is vain of his first knickerbockers, and the Court flunkey is vain of his knee-breeches.

The door was opened by a fat old flunkey with a red nose of an alarming aspect.