Flunky [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Flunky:

That flunky of a flunky is personified as the hero of the story, Isaac Abraham Takif.

Here a chair was set down, there a chariot or a coach pulled up, and a clocked flunky bowing a lady in.

One I had disposed of at the first rush, just before they reached the cabin, and the flunky had wounded one of the firemen.

If we were a race of flunkies, ample opportunities had been afforded to have our flunky-ism whipped out of us.

"Yes, sir," replied the flunky, moving toward the sideboard.

"Poodles, call the men," I heard Mr. Parasyte say to his flunky, and saw him run off to execute the command.

I'll give you a job as flunky at twenty a month and found, and if you make good I'll put you on for horse wrangler.

He carried a little water for Gloomy Gus, but stubbornly refused the job of flunky.

She had an impulse to hammer on the door with her hand, and command the flunky to go down on his knees and beg her pardon.

Even that little flunky Sailor starts to go up against me but I look at him cool and he chickens.