Fluoroscope [noun]

Definition of Fluoroscope:

picture of inside a body

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Sentence/Example of Fluoroscope:

The fluoroscope is the name given to a light-tight box closed at one end by a cardboard covered with these crystals (Fig. 421).

At the end of an hour Greg went back to the main laboratory, brought back a portable fluoroscope.

A device, invented by Edison and called the “fluoroscope,” was constructed on substantially the same principle.

Fig. 220-A shows a fluoroscope that contains a screen covered with proper chemicals.

I could see the bones of my fingers as I held them up between the X-ray tube and the fluoroscope.

They inspected each joint minutely for signs of flaws, using a small portable X-ray fluoroscope to see the interior of the metal.

Subperiosteal hemorrhage may be clearly seen by means of the fluoroscope or in X-ray photographs (Figs. 16 and 17).

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