Flushed [adjective]

Definition of Flushed:

pink, glowing

Synonyms of Flushed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flushed:

Sentence/Example of Flushed:

While many of us simply flush and forget about it, our pee has the potential to be a valuable resource.

Tree-lined Madison Campground, managed by Xanterra, is the most centrally located and provides creature comforts like picnic tables, running water, and flush toilets for adventurous RV and tent campers.

Tuck the overhang under, pressing gently to make it flush with the edge of the pie plate, crimp as you like.

Ordinary water flushed through narrow tubes became denser and thicker, boiled at higher than normal temperatures and froze at much lower temperatures than usual.

It’s that time of year again, when the winter rains come flushing months’ worth of grime from San Diego’s streets through storm drains straight into the ocean.

Now, flush with cash, Kotak is reportedly attempting another masterstroke that could give his Kotak Mahindra Bank a significant push at a time when India’s financial sector is going through one of its worst crises.

After all, advertisers haven’t exactly been flush with media dollars throughout the pandemic.

If the flat bases of your skis are always flush to the ground, you’re sliding, not skiing.

As private markets have grown flush, for instance, venture-backed businesses such as Spotify and Slack have found less need to raise cash in public markets.

Needless to say, these communities have no flush toilets or enclosed sewers.