Fluted [adjective]

Definition of Fluted:

ridged, grooved

Synonyms of Fluted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fluted:



Sentence/Example of Fluted:

The dull green leaves and tight little buds could hardly be seen for the mass of wide fluted roses of a deep old-fashioned pink.

Each masterpiece in a fluted silver dish, silver candies sprinkled on the pink whipped cream!

But here was one mighty wave that was always itself, and every fluted swirl of it, constant as the wreathing of a shell.

The temple rises in the centre of the upper tier, conspicuous for the fluted spires which form the roofs of the sanctuaries.

From all the jutting points swung the thin fluted strips of varech, which sailors use as their barometers.

The Early Norman piers have square-fluted capitals and are a little higher than the arches of the nave.

This is a ruddy cottage from fluted tiling down to the grass, and sufficiently large to comprise two tenements now.

A fountain tinkled and fat carp swam about in the fluted marble basin.

There are a large number of tombs in the form of steps, and here and there various kinds of pedestals, some of which are fluted.

A great many beautiful marble columns and pillars supported the roof of the hall, and the walls had a curiously fluted appearance.