Fluxes [noun]

Definition of Fluxes:

state of constant change

Synonyms of Fluxes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fluxes:

Sentence/Example of Fluxes:

How these schools respond to a situation that’s still very much in flux, even at the most cautious campuses, could determine whether or not we see another massive nationwide spike in the coronavirus outbreak in the next weeks and months.

With election conditions in flux because of the pandemic, it’s especially important to ensure you’re getting information from trustworthy sources such as state and local election websites.

At least for the days preceding Election Day, and definitely for the week immediately after, when the results are likely to be in serious flux as states count mail ballots.

It’s an understatement to say ad budgets are in flux right now.

There is a lot that is in flux and is changing, and as entrepreneur you have to know those downs are going to be followed by ups.

Many philosophers and biologists have taken up this “process view,” in which organisms and other biological systems exist not as fixed objects or materials but as flowing patterns and relationships in a river of flux.

Or, perhaps, they have never got accustomed to the speed and fury of the river's flux, or the miracle of its continuous body.

The flux of pattern dimmed, then hesitated; blanked out and heroically began anew.

But man, immersed in the flux of sensualities, can never fully attain this knowledge of God, the object of all rational inquiry.

That perpetual flux and reflux of peoples of all stations drew ever more the eyes of Europe to the Orient.