Fluxing [verb]

Definition of Fluxing:

liquefy; dissolve

Synonyms of Fluxing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fluxing:

Sentence/Example of Fluxing:

The publishing industry has been in flux since the turn of the century, but 2020 has been a year like no other.

It’s comforting to suppose that what we call reality is fixed, or at least predictably in flux.

Until you have your foundational players, your franchise should be in a state of flux.

“These fluxes affect the amount of carbon a forest can store,” he explains.

Unlike plastic, which molds and then retains a particular shape, the brain’s physical structure is continually in flux.

The olfactory system does not require a map mirroring some fixed physical features in the world because its chemical stimulus is constantly in flux.

With so much in flux, the winner in Florida of the closely watched presidential vote could be decided by the courts for the second time in two decades.

With advertisers in a constant state of flux as the world changes around them, online media gives them features like online auctions and self-serve ad platforms to shift media dollars at speed.

Many important rules for voting remain in flux after hundreds of cases were filed in more than 44 states.

Media buyers adapt to massive industry upheaval … with cautionEvery business is in flux in 2020.